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Business Line of Credit

Offers you the direct flexibility to access cash when you need it most.  This will empower a business to tap into your approved credit limit for various business needs while paying interest solely on the funds you utilize.  With our revolving line of credit, your available funds increase as you repay your balance, allowing you to maintain full ownership, control, and profitability.    A financial safety net is one of the keys, our business line of credit has no usage restrictions, making it a versatile solution for covering a wide range of expenses and opportunities.

Business Term Loan

Resource for businesses seeking a structure to achieve their goals.  With terms tailored to specifically suit your business needs, the terms provide flexibility to expansion, equipment purchases, or a business looking for capital, these loans are designed to increase your financial strength enabling you to secure the resources necessary for sustainable growth and success.

Merchant Cash Advance

Is a financial arrangement where a business receives a lump sum of capital upfront in exchange for a percentage of its process sales or future receivables.  It's commonly used by small businesses with limited access to traditional loans.  Unlike traditional loans, MCAs use a factor discount rate instead of a fixed interest rate, and repayments are deducted daily, weekly, and bi-weekly.

Working Capital Loans

Is a resource for businesses seeking to thrive and expand.  It serves as the lifeline of your company's daily operations, enabling you to cover essential expenses like payroll, inventory replenishment, and operational costs.  What sets DW Investment Group apart is our commitment to simplicity and accessibility.    This approach empowers businesses to secure the working capital they need to seize opportunities, manage cash flow, and achieve sustainable growth.  

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